Enduro and All-Mountain Bike Event, Rocky Mountain Altitude C90 Rally

The Ultimate Enduro and All-Mountain Bike Event: The Rocky Mountain Altitude C90 Rally. In the mountain biking community, Rocky Mountain has long been associated with excellence and innovation. Their bikes are well-known for their dependability, adaptability, and exceptional performance over a broad range of terrains. The Altitude C90 Rally is one of their newest models and is a high-end, enduro and all-mountain vehicle made for serious riders.

Pattern and Form
Rocky Mountain’s Altitude platform, renowned for its aggressive geometry and sturdy construction, serves as the foundation for the Altitude C90 Rally. Because of the premium carbon fiber used to make the frame, it is the ideal combination of lightweight and durable. The geometry is optimized for enduro racing, with a long wheelbase, low standover height, and a slack head tube angle of 63.5 degrees (in the Ride-9 setup) that all help to improve stability and control at high speeds.

The Ultimate Enduro and All-Mountain Bike Event: The Rocky Mountain Altitude C90 Rally

Rocky Mountain’s RIDE-9 adjustability system is one of the Altitude C90 Rally’s most notable features. With the help of this innovative technology, riders may adjust the geometry and suspension features of the bike to better fit their riding preferences and the terrain. Encompassing nine combinations, the RIDE-9 system provides unmatched versatility.

Components and Suspension
The suspension system is an essential part of any enduro bike, and the Altitude C90 Rally does not let you down. With a Fox Float X2 Factory Series shock at the back and a Fox 38 Float EVOL GRIP2 Factory Series 170mm fork up front, the bike offers the perfect amount of support and cushioning. These premium suspension parts guarantee that the bike can easily tackle the trickiest trails.

Apart from its excellent suspension, the Altitude C90 Rally has several other excellent parts:

Drivetrain: The bike has a 12-speed Shimano XTR drivetrain, which provides seamless gear changes and a large selection of gears for climbing and descending.
Brakes: Large rotors for improved control on steep descents characterize the Shimano XTR hydraulic disc brakes, which offer dependable stopping power in all situations.
Wheels and Tires: The Altitude C90 Rally is equipped with Race Face AR 30 rims and Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR tires, which provide the ideal balance of low rolling resistance, traction, and durability.
Achievements on the Path
The Altitude C90 Rally offers an excellent riding experience when it comes to trail performance. From flowy singletrack to tricky rock gardens, riders can comfortably tackle a variety of terrains thanks to the high-quality suspension and adaptable geometry. The bike’s comfort and stability make it perfect for extended rides and all-mountain adventures, but its agility and responsiveness make it a great option for enduro racing.

The Altitude C90 Rally’s adaptability is one of its main features. The RIDE-9 system allows riders to customize the handling qualities of the bike to their liking, making it suitable for a variety of riding styles and trail types. The Altitude C90 Rally is a capable bike that can be used for both professional enduro racing and all-mountain adventure.

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