Fox 38 Float EVOL GRIP2 Factory Series 170mm Performance Machine

Fox 38 Float EVOL GRIP2 Factory Series 170mm Performance Machine. With every year that goes by, mountain biking becomes more thrilling and diversified, with new bike configurations and technologies providing riders with experiences that are unmatched. Among these advancements, the Altitude C90 Rally is a particularly potent all-mountain/enduro bike that skillfully blends toughness with top-notch performance.

Planning and Building

The Altitude C90 Rally is built to handle difficult routes, tricky drops, and strenuous climbs. Because of the superior carbon fiber used in its construction, the frame offers the ideal ratio of weight, strength, and durability. The frame’s slack head tube angle, extended wheelbase, and sufficient reach provide stability and control at high speeds, making it suitable for aggressive riding styles.

Mechanism of Suspension

The suspension system of the Altitude C90 Rally plays a vital role in its overall performance. The focal point of this setup is the Fox 38 Float EVOL GRIP2 Factory Series 170mm front fork. This fork’s 170mm of travel is intended to cushion heavy hits and offer controlled, smooth movement over uneven ground. What makes this fork unique is as follows:

EVOL Air Spring: This soft ride is made possible by the Extra Volume (EVOL) air spring technology, which keeps the ride firm during larger impacts but more sensitive to tiny ones.
GRIP2 Damper: With its four-way adjustability, the GRIP2 damper technology enables riders to customize their suspension for rebound, compression at high speeds, compression at low speeds, and more features. With this feature, you can adjust the suspension to fit various riding styles and terrain conditions.
Factory Series: The fork, which is a part of Fox’s Factory Series, has a premium Kashima coating that lowers friction and increases longevity. A sleek and fashionable appearance is further added by this superior finish.
Achievements on the Path
The Altitude C90 Rally excels when used on the trail. Bike geometry and the 170mm Fox 38 Float EVOL GRIP2 allow riders to confidently tackle steep descents, difficult rock gardens, and trails with lots of jumps. Riders may fine-tune the bike’s behavior for tough enduro courses or smooth singletrack thanks to the changeable suspension settings.

The Fox 38’s front-end performance is complemented by the Altitude C90 Rally’s rear suspension, which offers a steady and balanced ride. As a result, the bike can confidently descend steep hills and climb equally difficult ones.

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